CV. Trasmeca Jaya Electric

Second Transformers

Who doesn't want to have a good transformer at an affordable price? Trasmeca Jaya Electric provides a solution for those of you who want to have a quality transformer at a low price. As an electrical supplier in addition to selling new transformers We provide used transformers / second transformers but have quality that is not less good than new transformers and consists of various choices. Second transformer capacity varies and almost all second transformer brands we sell, please select the type and brand according to your needs.

Don't Worry about buying a Transformer at Trasmeca Jaya Electric, even though the transformer that we provide is 'USED' or 'SECOND' We always test the transformers that we sell regularly so that it is ensured that the transformer is still functioning and the quality is still maintained. surely you now ask, Who tested the transformer? We have human resources who are professional and experienced in the field of electricity, even we provide transformer certification services that you want to use.

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