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Selling a transformer which is an electrical device that is important for the distribution of electricity. Transformers are classified into 2 types, namely step up transformers and step down transformers. Step up transformer is a type of transformer that is used to increase the current to many times before being distributed to the panel. This type of transformer is generally used for industries, factories, hotels, malls and other areas that require large amounts of electricity supply. Step up transformers have a number of turns of primary coils always smaller than the number of turns of the secondary coil, so that the strength of the primary current is always greater than the strength of the secondary current. While the step down transformer is a type of transformer that is used to reduce the voltage. Many types of transformers we encounter in residential areas and electronic equipment, so that the electricity coming in becomes smaller so it does not damage electronic equipment. Step down transformers have primary coil windings always greater than the number of secondary coil windings, so the primary current strength is always smaller than the secondary current strength. We sell transformers with various brands of Unindo, Trafindo, Sintra, Schneider, Starlite, Centrado, etc. Buy through us at competitive electric transformer prices for your needs.

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