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Services Description Schenider Cubicle Installation Services

Schenider Cubicle Installation Services

Kubikel is an electrical device that is used as a center for the distribution of electricity. Kubikel also functions as a controller, connector and protector and divides electricity from the source of electricity.

Cubicle Function
Control the circuit carried out by the main switch
Protect circuits carried out by phase / fuser
Divide the circuit is done by division of department / group (busbar)

Cubicle Type:
PMS cubicle (separator)
Kubikel lbs (load break switch)
Kubikel cb out metering (pmtcb)
Kubikel TP (transformer protection)
Pt cubicles (potential transformers)
Kubikel bi (outgoing terminal)
Cubicle ounce (separator)

Cubicle installation cannot be done carelessly, because it will be very dangerous. We provide cubicle installation services of various sizes and brands. We rely on experts who are experienced in their fields.

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